Friday, May 9, 2014

It's a Canvas Extravaganza!

I had intended to post today about my hand carved stamps that I've been experimenting with, but instead I got a wonderful, unexpected, fantastic surprise in the mailbox yesterday!  It was the perfect excuse for a study break and a good enough reason to postpone my stamp post.

Back in March I was super excited to win one of Alisa Burke's birthday week give-a-way packs.  I won her Canvas Giveaway which included the lovely goodies below:

Alisa included a copy of her book, Canvas Remix, a Messy Pouch, and a bunch of fantastic scraps of her painted canvas!  Not to mention a beautiful blank note card featuring her art.

Alisa, I want to thank you so much for this amazing package.  I haven't a clue what I'm going to do with all those wonderful scraps just yet, but I'm sure something will come to me - I'm thinking a pillow - and I'm thinking I need to learn to sew!

If you haven't checked out Alisa Burke yet, you need to.  Head over to her blog and be sure to stop by her store.  She's been a great inspiration to me and I know she'll spark your creativity as well!

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