Friday, April 18, 2014

My Last Finished Friday

This is my last Finished Friday post - at least for this semester.  I've been ill all week thanks to my little disease carrying children!  It's always great when one brings it home from school and it gets passed around the entire family.  And why is Mom always the last one to get it?  Anyhow, since I was feeling a bit better today I did some (in my opinion even though there was no vacuum cleaner involved) major cleaning and even tackled laundry.  With my space all zen and orderly my muse was ready to tackle a blank canvas.

The assignment: Paint your Perfect Paradise

The result:
The Sea is Calling   16x20 Acrylic on Canvas

I can hear the beach calling me.  Not that I'm well enough to go by any means, but I am needing the sight and sound of the waves.  Summer needs to hurry up and get here!

I tried out a "new to me" technique and used a Slow Dry Blending Medium over the entire canvas.  I know the usual thing to do is to actually mix the medium into the paint itself, but I wanted to go all "Bob Ross".  I absolutely love how it turned out.  My wave crests are a little funky but I adore the sky so I'm happy. 

I will definitely give the Slow Dry Medium another go.  Placing it directly on the canvas does provide some challenges - it's really thick and makes you really have to work the paint (it is definitely not Bob's Liquid Clear) quite a bit to get the strokes out.  But it was fun and I got great blends using it.

I do suggest, however, that if you're adding foreground details that do not need to blend into the background, let it dry completely before using.  Those rocks were a real challenge because my brush kept picking up paint and making holes.  I'll know better for next time.  And I suggest give it several hours to dry - I finished about 3 hours ago and it's still tacky to the touch.  Leave it over night if possible.

And yes, I even made a "happy little rock that lives right here". 

It's "more icky blue medicine" time y'all.


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