Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Progress and a new Supply!

Good evening (omg! is it really after 1 am?), um well then - morning rather to y'all!  I've slacked off most of the day - which is nothing new, especially because every artist I know, including myself, is the worst (or best, depending on your view point) procrastinator out there!  But I finally managed to buckle down and get some painting done!

I'm not sure if it's finished, I rather think not as I keep looking at it - and not necessarily with good thoughts.  But oh well, I do love love love how the drip background looks peeking through the blooms and the bottom.  Quite lovely in my own humble opinion.  Anyway, without further ado:

"Cherry Tree" possibly still in progress

I did manage to go a little overboard with the blossoms themselves!  They're just so gosh-durn fun to do.

Now, on to the really fun thing - my new toy!  I've been following Alisa Burke's blog for quite a while now and have seen her using the Sakura Koi Watercolor Pocket Field Sketch Box for her on-the-go jaunts.  It looked so nifty and handy that I decided I'd try it out myself.  I've seen the Waterbrushes around as well and heard amazing things about them.  This kit includes one.

So anyway, I got one and have been playing around with it and I must say that I absolutely love it!!  It's so easy to tote around and you don't have to worry about water at all - it's right there in the brush.  That funny little black topper is very important!  Don't lose it!!  There is actually water in the brush now and that little plug is keeping it all nice and in the brush!  There are tons of colors (24 to be exact) and it is very easy to tote in a purse or bag.  It has a removable palette which can be placed either on the left or right side and a little finger ring in the bottom for holding in the hand.

(I swear I'm not getting paid for this!)  That being said - I do recommend this little gem.  It's sold online or can be found at Hobby Lobby (which is where I got mine).  Michael's does not carry it.  It's listed at $35.99 at Hobby Lobby,  but I used a 40% off coupon (who doesn't love coupons) so I got it for a little under $22.00.  Not to shabby and definitely worth it.  I've had lots of different little watercolor trays and none carry as well as this, in my opinion.  So a big thank you to Alisa Burke for recommending it!

I love seeing what supplies other artist's use.  I have a terrible case of ASA - Art Supplies Addiction.  Really, it's just awful!  I have this really cool wardrobe trunk of my great grandmother's from the very early 1900's (I actually found a newspaper page from 1917 lining one of the drawers.  I'm not sure just how old it really is, but I do know that it most definitely is almost 100 years old.  And yes, I did keep the newspaper!).  I use it to stash my supplies in since I currently have very limited space and no "formal" studio.  It is full to bursting.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do when I absolutely run out of room.  And there is a definite canvas storage problem as well.  Anybody have a spare house I can borrow?  Ha! Ha!

It would take an appliance dolly to pick that thing up!  But it is very convenient.  Well folks, that's all I have for tonight.  I will absolutely be better about not procrastinating tomorrow but Morpheus calls now and I must answer.

Happy painting!


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