Saturday, March 8, 2014

It's Spring Break Y'all!

 Good morning and Happy Saturday to all you fine folks out there!  What a week it's been!  My week has been full of flash cards and panic attacks, study sessions and last minute "Green Goddess on a Cracker!" moments!  Yes, it has been mid-term week!  I'm really rather dreading Finals week since I know that it will be so much worse than this week has been!

All that aside, the good news has been that I didn't have any art projects due yesterday!  Which made my less than nil available time somewhat more manageable.  However!  My oldest daughter did have an extra credit project for science class due Thursday.  She had to make a book about an endangered animal - she chose the Cheetah.  Since she's not allowed to handle an X-acto knife just yet (I'm not really sure why I am, as I cut a hot streak outta my thumb!), I somewhat less-than-willingly agreed to make the cover and pages.

And here it is:

I went to Michaels and got a chipboard kit (I have future art journals in mind) and pack of somewhat Serengeti colored cardstock.  And you wouldn't believe how difficult, nay! nigh on impossible it is to find cheetah printed vellum scrapbooking paper!  So her cheetah has leopard spots.  Best I could do!  So I drew out the design and cut it all out, which was such a ruddy pain in the tukus, but it got done!  Used black acrylic for the face, attached some whopping jeweled brads for eyes, and light grey jewelry wire for whiskers.  I rather think it turned out kinda cute!  She had to attach pictures and cards to the inside pages.  Which, I totally forgot to get any pictures of because she finished it somewhere around midnight the night before!  The white spots of glue did dry clear, so she doesn't have a cheetah that's going grey!

In between rounds with the X-acto knife, I did manage to get a couple of paintings started.  My next art assignments are all about symmetry and asymmetry, so I think I'll continue on with an earlier idea of a series of cherry blossoms.  I've done a couple of acrylic drips for the backgrounds.  They're still in progress, as I want to do at least one more drip session to really get some good layers.  The bottom one has undergone 2 drips so far and I accidentally had the top one in the "line of fire" so it got some spritzing as well.  That's why it looks like little rain drops on the top of it!  Kind of a neat effect, but not what I'm going for. 

I want to add, that while I was painting or was doing that project for my eldest, I was cruising YouTube for inspiration.  I came across a very talented man named James Kruse who uses the acrylic drip method with amazing results.  Y'all should definitely go check him out.  He's a right talented little bugger!

I'll keep y'all posted on "in progress pictures" with these 2 paintings and ya'll please cross your fingers for me that I get a couple of more done this week (or more) so that I can have time to get some other school work completed in the upcoming weeks.  It'd be so nice to not have to push other things aside because I've got painting after painting to do!  Or vice versa really, I'd rather be painting!  But, time management and all that.

For the first time in way too many years, I'm experiencing the joy of Spring Break for myself.  No classes and no visits to the elementary school for me this week!  Four whole days to just do my thing!  I love it!  Yes - only four because I've still gotta work!  But I just can't wait to see what I manage to do with my days off.  I plan to paint like a mad woman and catch up on my Big Bang Theory and Black Sails!

Alrighty, I've procrastinated enough - it's time to get my tail in gear and get ready for work.

Y'all have a wonderful weekend!  It's a beautiful sunny day today and ought to be around 75 or so!  And as usual, I'm stuck inside.  But y'all enjoy the day and let me know what kind of fun you had.  I've got to live vicariously through somebody!


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