Monday, March 3, 2014

Art Education - a Writing Assignment

I had to write a paper for part of my mid-term grade.  Nothing major, but was definitely a fun and interesting assignment.  It was also one that I've been giving a lot of thought to in both this class and my Foundations of Education class.  I think, as a future educator (and an art educator at that) that these concepts are very important to know and understand.

Making a great subject even greater!
I want you to choose your favorite subject. From this subject, I want you to come up with 5 different ways in which art can be used to make that subject even better. 

 Since my favorite subject is Art (of course), I decided to re-work the assignment a little bit and instead incorporate other subjects into an art curriculum.

Art Education
Making Other Subjects More Fun

By: Brenda Lee
Art for Elementary Teachers
February 28, 2014

            Art is everywhere.  It surrounds us daily, we think about it frequently, and we create it often.  Art is integral to childhood development.  Before a child's first birthday, parents begin teaching their children shapes and colors along with abc's and 123's.  Teachers often integrate art education in their teaching, especially in elementary, without even realizing.  Art teachers, too, integrate other subjects, sometimes with a lot of thought behind it, and other times it happens organically.  There are many ways to integrate other subjects, subjects that students may find boring or difficult, into an art curriculum.
            Math is a difficult subject for a lot of students.  Several math concepts go hand-in-hand with art and they can be taught and reinforced in the art room.  Examples of these are shapes and geometry.  Students can draw these shapes and even learn how to shade them so they look 3D.  Perspective in all its forms is very closely related with lines and angles.  Symmetry can be taught by cutting out snowflakes.  Even ratios become important when mixing colors.
            There are many students who don't like to read or write, making language arts a difficult subject.  But again, you can add language arts into an art curriculum.  Walter Anderson's Alphabet is a perfect example of integrating ABC's.  An art teacher could have students create their own alphabet inspired by Walter Anderson or another artist.  An art teacher could also incorporate poetry, story illustration, and a writing assignment on various artists.
            History and Social Studies are great subjects to integrate into the art curriculum.  A lot of artists painted famous historical figures or historically significant events.  There are also paintings of how every day people lived, what they wore, and what the political and religious movements were of the day.  Art students can also study art from other cultures including African, Japanese, Native American and more.  Through the study of their art comes an understanding of who those people were and what was important to them.
            Integrating science into an art class is a simple thing.  The teacher can teach color theory, optical illusions, nature inspired art, human anatomy for figure drawing, medical illustrations, and much more.  The art teacher can also assist students in creating scientific experiments.  How salt affects watercolors and what happens when you add isopropyl alcohol to wet acrylic are two examples of such experiments.
            There are countless ways to incorporate the other subjects into an art curriculum and vice versa.  By doing so, you not only reinforce things learned in other classes, but you give children a chance to understand them a little better and to become a part of the process of learning.  Once children become part of the process, then learning becomes fun for both the teacher and the student.  


I know, I know... it's brilliant!  LOL  Maybe not, but it's something and it's true.

Anyway, to end, I'll leave you with a little funny.

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