Saturday, March 15, 2014

Another Finished Friday, an Art Suppy Mega Haul, and an Alisa Burke drawing!

It's Friday again and that means that I've completed yet another set of assignments (once I quite procrastinating)!

The assignments were:

1 painting Asymmetrical Composition
1 painting Symmetrical Composition

On another most fabulous note...

I won one of Alisa Burke's fabulous birthday give-a-ways!  I'm super duper excited about this.  I won one of her Canvas packs from yesterday.
 The pack includes:

A signed copy of her book Canvas Remix
A canvas messy pouch (filled with a few of her favorite supplies)
A little package of painted canvas scraps to play with!

I can't thank Alisa enough for doing all of these fantastic give-a-ways to celebrate her birthday week.  And a huge huge thank you for the goodies!!!  I cannot wait to get them!!

Moving on to another super happy thing - I got a lot of my supplies in today!  Yay!  I know the UPS & Fedex men were wondering what in the world was in all of those boxes!

I so want to just dive right in!  But unfortunately I actually have to write a paper tomorrow and study for a test on Monday!  Back to school blues!  Oh well.  I have lots of things to keep my "free time" not so free!

That's all I've got for tonight folks!


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