Monday, February 3, 2014

Sleepy Rambles

Nothing new to report on the Art front today.  Although, I did get my grades for last week's assignments in Art class!  Yep - you guessed it.  100's!  I'm loving this class and my current average.

I am so glad I don't have to go anywhere tomorrow!  I'm absolutely beat!  I have 2 projects which shouldn't take too long due Friday that I need to do tomorrow.  Just simple pencil projects.  And then I plan on sleeping as much as possible!

Except that I have to study for my Western Civ test on Wednesday.  I'm sure I can fit sleep in somewhere... you know, before I'm dead!

And maybe even get to work in some time on Mr. Owl.  Or start a new painting.  Or something.  Or maybe not!  LOL  We'll see.
On a total side note:  I found an Elem. Art Teacher on YouTube.  Her name is: Connie Hozvicka.

Y'all should definitely check her out!  I haven't watched all of her videos by any means, but eventually I'll get around to it.  The ones I have watched though are definitely inspiration for my own future classes/projects.  And also some techniques I want to use in future paintings.

 I am working on my own YouTube channel.  I have a few Speed Painting videos, but really need to get better about recording while I'm painting.  It's just such a stop-and-go process for me between work, school, and the kids.  Hopefully I'll have the few videos I've done uploaded over this next week.  I'll be sure to post links here when I do! 

Until next time!

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