Thursday, February 27, 2014

Midterms and a Finished - (is it really? oh it truly is!!) Thursday!

Yes, it is Thursday, and would you believe that I've actually finished my assignments for this week early?  Yeah, me neither.  But it is oh-so-very true!

Still covering basics - but fun none-the-less:

I am so glad this week was an easy on the art week.  I've needed the time to study for several tests - though, I'm by no means finished studying!

I had an American History map quiz yesterday, my Gen Bio I Lab Midterm today, and next week, my test schedule is - Monday - Bio mid term, Wednesday - Western Civ I mid term & Am. Hist mid term, Friday - Art mid term.

So hectic.  So hectic in fact, that I think I might just expire on the spot from all this studying!  The above schedule is not a complete reflection of my week either.  I've had several group study sessions, a video today and I'll have 2 videos early in the morning.  No sleeping in for me.  Boo!  Oh well.  This is good for me.  It keeps me constantly doing something - I'm not just sitting on the couch getting fat.  Not to mention, I've learned a very valuable lesson!  Sleep is for those who are either/or smarter than me or they don't care if they get lower than A's and B's.  Since I do care, I'm racking up quite the sleep debt!

Guess the old saying "you can sleep when your dead" definitely applies in my current state.  With the unexpected and highly exciting prospect of no tests tomorrow and no project to rush and finish, I believe I'll head off to bed at a reasonable hour tonight.  I got a new book today that is not a textbook that I can't wait to dive into and devour!

I saw this in the store today and just couldn't resist.  I want to paint beautiful things like this but I have always had the most difficult time letting go, loosening up, and allowing for "happy accidents" as Bob Ross would say.  Perhaps I can find a bit of my muse within the pages.

Until next time,


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