Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Icy Conditions - More Time to Paint

The weather here is dreadful!  Icy conditions are no fun here in the South.  We're just not equipped to handle them.  While hurricanes and tornadoes hardly phase us, the merest hint of sleet or *gasp* snow is enough to drive us into hyper-survival mode.  We hunker down with our propane and flashlights waiting for the pigs to come down and Hell to thaw.  Because let's face it folks, winter in Mississippi is supposed to be 40 degree days with 35 degree nights and lots of rain.  Ice, sleet, and snow are only supposed to occur when pigs fly and Hell freezes.

It seems that Hell has indeed frozen.  I'm sitting her tonight listening to the pitter patter of icy rain drops.  While musical, it makes me oh! so! glad that class has been cancelled for tomorrow.  I, like so many other Southerners, just do not want to get out in that shit!  And as such, well, it leaves me more time to paint!  I've been working on my 3 assignments for this week -

1) Mix your own color wheel
2) Mix your own Grey, Brown, and Colored Value Scales
3) 1 3D Shape Composition with Reverse Light Background Painted

It's time to break out the acrylics and have some fun!  Yes, these assignments are just build-ons of last week's.  But hey, the class is called "Art for Elementary Teachers".  The fact that it's a "real" art class and not just academic makes me happy.  Plus, it's nice to get back to the basics.  Last week I'd forgotten how much fun plain ol' graphite pencils could be.  And I'll be honest - like many artists these days, the ease of purchasing ready-mixed colors has made me lazy.  I reach for that purple or orange before I ever mix my colors.  So yep - basics.  They can be so much fun!  I'll be posting pictures as soon as I get finished with them. 

I've been procrastinating like crazy though - I've found a ton of awesome Art Teacher blogs and have been buried up to my neck in them.  They're very insightful and a whole lot of fun.  I love seeing what these kids create and what fantastic lessons the teachers come up with!  Plus, there's one blog in particular - Cassie Stephen's blog has this great and fun habit of "theme dressing".  It's very inspiring.  I'm so much a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl that it's not all that easy for me to think of fun and funky things to wear.  And I'm so going to have to!

Speaking of wardrobe choices - I'm taking a Foundations in Education course which comes with the requirement of 30 hours of Classroom Observation.  Make no mistake, this isn't student teaching... it's just observation.  A few hours here, a few hours there, to add up to 15 hours in Lower Elementary and 15 hours in Upper Elementary.  This will be a real opportunity for me to determine if this is in fact what I want to do for my career.  Right now it sounds good and looks great on paper.  But as to if my nerves can actually take it - we shall see!  Back to the wardrobe aspect of it - I'm going to have to ditch the t-shirts, jeans, and converse and opt instead for a "teacher's wardrobe".  Should be interesting.  I sure do wish it were warmer!

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