Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Progress in Stop Motion

  Hey there!  Welcome back!

I didn't have the opportunity Sunday (over a week ago!) to do anything I wanted to do.  Which was really sad, but my free time has become non-existent.  As soon as I get home, the demands of supper, children, and homework are all consuming.  And then of course, there's work to contend with as well.

However, thanks to the school holiday this past Monday and no class on Tuesday, I was able to finally get moving on my latest canvas.  Mr. and Mrs. Owl are no where near complete, but they are certainly further along than they were.  Or, well, Mrs. Owl is anyway.

As you can see, I still have quite a lot of work left do do on them.... like making the gel medium disappear!  I'm having a slight bit of "art block" with them at present, so they will just have to sit on my wall until I figure out where I want to go with them.  There are many many more layers to go.

But for now, they are as they are....  which is, a mixture of watercolor and acrylic on watercolor paper adhered with Golden's Soft Gel (Matte) onto acrylic on canvas.

I need to take better pictures when I've got daylight.

The other things I managed to get done were to gesso and begin an art journal page - which I got stymied on (I hate waiting for things to dry!  Even with a heat gun!), and to experiment with some home made alcohol inks.  Those are working out fairly decently, but I want to experiment a bit more with them before giving the final verdict.

I'm out of my Bio Lab by 10 in the morning, so hopefully, I'll have time and the bug to get something done with my lovely little owl couple.

See ya next time!

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