Sunday, January 12, 2014

In the Beginning

My life is taking off in a whole new direction.  I'm both excited beyond belief and thoroughly frightened.  Classes start in the morning.  Not in a few weeks, not later this week, but absolutely in the morning.  At eight a.m.  The prospect is daunting.  I have made my decision, however, and there really is no time to chicken out of it now.  I will be an Art Teacher one day.

In order to prompt my slightly rusty cognitive skills, I've decided that this year is a fantastic year to really start doing some art journaling, especially since I'm unable to take any hands on art classes this semester.  Art Education for Elementary Teachers, online, does not put me in the studio with paint dabs on my nose, regardless of how necessary and fun a class it may be.  So yes, I'm determined to finally (and I say finally with all the exasperation I can manage) start and finish something worth wile this year and truly get my behind back in the swing of being, becoming, and living as an artist (as well as student, employee, mother, and general "get it done-r").

I turned 30 just over a week ago, and I'm pretty sure this abrupt (because let's face it, I never ever saw it coming!) arrival in to middle life is what's prompting the panicky feelings fluttering around in my abdomen.  The feelings of non-accomplishment and "what have you to show for your first 30 years of life" feelings.  They're not great feelings.  In fact, they're down right snarky!  I am deliberately setting myself up to take on and tame those feelings.  My Lion Tamer's costume has been ordered from Amazon and should arrive within the next week.  Unfortunately, the "How-To" book will be a little later arriving.  They didn't offer it in a Kindle Version.

My fingers are itching to get home... only 2 more hours of work and I am a free agent!  I want to dive head first into my unfinished canvas projects that I haven't touched in four days and to start slapping gesso on my Art Journal.  I am in the mood to get very messy and have lots of fun.  Hopefully I'll have pictures to post soon!

Hope y'all have a great Sunday!

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