Tuesday, May 23, 2017

I'm Still Fabulous...

Hi Chickens!  I'm back again with a couple more pages and another new kit from Crowabout Studiob to share!!  I really hope y'all aren't tired of seeing these by now.

This kit was one of the more challeging ones.  I really wanted to use that adorable deer head but that's about all the idea I had!!

I cut a single 9x12 sheet of watercolor paper in half to create two 6x9 pages.  Side by side they fit nicely in a single 9x12 frame.  But they're a little overwhelming side by side so I'm going to have to figure out different framing for them eventually.

The kit...
 (click the kit image to be taken to the Crowabout Studiob Shop)

 So I printed this kit at work with a laser printer... notice how the reds are so very red?  With so much red in this kit, I wanted the colors to be true. 

I cut out all my pieces and started playing around with figuring out my characters.  I couldn't decide between the deer and the girl so I chose to do both. 

For the backgrounds, I wanted to make the two pages completely different while still using the same color palette.  Ah ha!  I painted one of them black using DecoArt Americana in Soft Black which is not quite as harsh as just black.  I also used Cinnamon Drop, Bright Orange, and Saffron Yellow.  I used a brayer and two stencils by The Crafters Workshop - Harlequin and Art Deco Leaves (which by the way is one of my favorite stencils).  Add collage elements and then time to doodle!!

Because of the darkness of the pages, I needed something that would really pop off the page.  Sakura Moonlight pens are perfect.  They're neon, creamy, and awesome. 

You know, I'm not actually getting paid by any of these companies to hawk their products.  I just love sharing what I love to use.  If I can help fuel someones art supply addiction, then by all means!!  I'm going to be a bad influence!!  Haha.  It's my friend Belen's fault.  She always posts her yummy supplies and of course, i have to go buy some too.  Blame it on Belen!!


As much as I originally loved the deer head element, I think "Whatever" is actually my favorite page.  I believe I have actually said those words a time or two myself!

Well, I've got stuff to do.  Like a brand new kit to play with so....... bye!

Much love,

Saturday, May 20, 2017

I Am Art...

So this is totally one of my favorite kits y'all!!  I'd been seeing Nancy post several pages she was creating using this adorable pink haired girl and I hoped hoped hoped she was going to make a kit out of it.  She did NOT disappoint!!!

By this kit, I had decided to do something a little bit different.  Instead of creating pages in a journal, I wanted to make loose pages that I could frame and then hang on a wall in my house.  How much fun will it be to have a gallery wall of all this awesome funkiness?  Yep, that's what I'm thinking too!!  I've never been a huge fan of framing and hanging pictures... unless they're canvases and I don't have to frame them.  But a series of these in all different sizes and shapes in super funky frames?  Baby, I'm there!  So I'm using watercolor paper as a sturdy substrate for these pieces and trying to remember while 6 x 9 is a standard art journal size it's not a standard picture frame size.  Oops!  I'll have to get creative with mats for a few of these pages.  I've learned my lesson since then.  Anyhoo...

Crowabout Studiob Kit used...

Background began life as a series of "gelli print stamps".  Using my small 3x5 Gelli® and DecoArt Americana acrylic paint in Electric Pink, Bahama Blue, Bright Orange, and Snow White.  I added a little Harlequin (The Crafters Workshop) stenciling in Lemon (Dina Wakley), and a few scallops and circles using my fingers.  For a little contrast I added a favorite little mark making thing... a bit of Art C Ultra Chalk Paint in black with dashes of white.  All in all, a very ME background.

I added my chosen collage elements and doodled with my Stabilo All pencil and white Dylusions paint pen. 

(click kit image to be taken to Crowabout Studiob Shop)

It's a very busy page, I'll admit, but it's really fun.  Or at least I think so anyway.  I also think I'm really starting to find my groove with these kits.  It's time consuming and I spend a WHOLE LOTTA TIME cutting each and every piece out, but it's fun to play with which bit goes where.  That's why sometimes I end up with more than one page.  I create a character or two and can't decide which to use so I end up making both.

Well, anyways chickens.  That's what I've got so far.

Much love,

Thursday, May 18, 2017

It's Not Your Job...

Oh my goodness!  Can it really be that I've managed to post (about non personal, non crazy, non stressful junk) three times in one week?  I sure have!!  Ok, I have a confession... there's a schedule option to these blog posts and I wrote them all at the same time.  But hey!!  Points to me for being able to sit down and do it all in the same day!!

So Kit #2 of my Creative Team Membership for Crowabout Studiob at Mischief Circus.  (That was a mouthful.  Don't know what I'm talking about?  Gasp!  Go read this post... My Creative Team Debut)

Ok, you're back?  Ready to see what I was talking about?  Good.

Of the several pages I have crated in my two months as a new little Crow, I really really love the green one.  Green isn't really my color.  I don't use it often and especially not with a combination of brown or orange - also not my favorite colors.  I'm more of a Turquoise, hot pink, and purple kinda gal.  But there is just something about it that I ADORE.

So here's the kit...

Both page backgrounds started with Art C Ultra Chalk Paint.  I love the blend-ability and the texture of this paint so much!  For "Stage" I used White and Country Green.  For "Job" I used Turquoise and White.  Over both of these backgrounds I dry brushed a little Quinacridone/Nickel Azo Gold (by Golden) that I mixed with and created a lovely transparent Glaze (using Glazing Medium by Golden) in spots.  This is my favorite way to get a little "age" or "rust" on a piece without being too heavy handed.

After the backgrounds dried, I added my collage elements and added shading using Faber-Castell Gelatos.  Mocha for "Stage" and Blueberry for "Job"  My handy dandy Stabilo All pencil and white Dylusions paint pen added doodling, words, and marks while a pink Paint Over Marker (Jane Davenport) added words and doodles to "Job".

Both pages were created in one of my on going large Dylusions journals.  No prep of the pages before starting.  And note the "dullness" especially of the reds... I printed this kit at home.  Again, it totally works here!

(click the kit image to be taken to the Crowabout Studiob Shop)

I actually printed out the picture I took of "Stage" and have it hanging in my studio.  There's something about it that I just really like.  Very much like I can't believe I made it and also somehow I managed to create a lot of depth with the shading.  It just speaks to me.  Fake it til you make it is one of my favorite mantras!

I hope you've enjoyed seeing my pages.  Now go make some of your own!!

Much love,

Monday, May 15, 2017

Embrace your Weirdness...

So I promised to share my pages I've made as a Creative Team member for Crowabout Studiob.  Here's my first one...

"Embrace your Weirdness"

Crowabout Studiob Kit Used:

I created my page using Art C Ultra Chalky Paint in Sand, Victorian, and White for the background.  I then added my collage elements and used Faber-Castell Gelatos (Iced Mocha and a metallic pink from their metallics set) to create the shading.

My trusty Stabilo All pencil (what on earth did I do before discovering that pencil?) of course came out to play as well as a White Linen Dylusions Paint Pen and a Gold Sharpie paint pen.

This page was made in one of my ongoing Dylusions journals.  I did not prep the page in anyway.

(click kit image to be taken to Crowabout Studiob Shop)

Ok, so one of the biggest notes I should make about my page versus the kit picture is the color difference.  I have an inkjet printer at home that no matter how hard I try or what paper I use, it always prints far duller than the actual colors.  In some instances, like this page, it works out fabulously and gives it something completely different from everyone else's samples.  It's also a really easy way to tell if the page is mine and cut-n-paste versus digital.  Mind you, however, if I happen to print from work we have a laser printer there and the colors will be much more vibrant.

This was a super fun kit to use and out of all the fabulous pieces, I just had to use that little bear head.  It was definitely my favorite!!

If you've never used or purchased "digital collage kits", the way it works at Mischief Circus and in particular with Crowabout Studiob kits is you purchase your kit and then download it to your computer.  There are several zip files to download such as "parts", "bodies", "collage sheets", "papers", etc.  It just depends on what all is in the kit.  Download them all and put them on a jump drive (that's what I do anyway).  It is now yours forever.  Most of the Crowabout Studiob kits come with "Collage Sheets" where Nancy has already thoughtfully put together all the separate elements into handy printable sheets.  Every now and then I want to use a particular element that I want bigger than it comes on the handy printable sheet.  What I do then is to open that element in PhotoShop and size it however I want and then print.  That way I can get some really big elements if I want to do a larger page or manipulate them in any way I want - such as if I want legs or faces to be going in the other direction.  If you don't have PhotoShop, you can actually insert them into a Word document and manipulate them that way.

Of course.... if you're in PhotoShop (or another equivalent program), you can simply create a digital page and not print anything!!  Or print it and then add it to a block of wood, or a canvas, or some other creative type thing.  Nancy has actually printed some of her girls onto canvas and created the most adorable Art Dolls.  I actually would love to try that one day.  Have no clue how to do it, but I'll give it a go one day.

So that was my first ever page as an official Creative Team member!!!   I hope you enjoyed it, and if you're intrigued, show Nancy some love and purchase some of her kits.  You won't be disappointed and you'll have lots of fun playing!

Much love,

Sunday, May 14, 2017

My Creative Team Debut...

I have been trying off and on for several years to make it onto the Creative Teams of some of my favorite products.  I hadn't had any luck reaching that goal until the amazing Nancy Baumiller from Crowabout Studiob had an open call for Creative Team Members in early March.  Of course I applied and to my great and wonderful astonishment, was chosen!!!

A dear friend of mine turned me onto MischiefCircus.com and especially CrowaboutStudiob several years ago.  I hadn't ever really been a collage artist until then and I adore the quirky and funky pieces I can use to create some of the oddest and most fun little characters and pages.

Here are some pages I've created using bits from Crowabout Studiob and other Mischief Circus designers in the past...  (hint, click on the pictures to be taken to their actual posts)




These are only a few examples... you know the ones on I actually blogged about!!  Go check out my Instagram for lots more!

So what does this mean for me?  Well..... it means I get to play with lots more fun and funky kits before anyone else does.  And it means that my page (or whatever) that I create using the new kits gets to be featured as a Sample Image when you look at a new kit.  And I don't know about you, but I think that's pretty damn cool.  Especially because I LOVE using the products already. 

I am so grateful to Dearest Nancy for allowing me to be a part of this fabulous team of creatives!!  While you're checking things out, be sure to check out Nancy's blog as well... Crowabout.

I'll be sharing the kits I've been involved in to date in upcoming posts so be on the lookout for those loves!

Much love,

Saturday, May 13, 2017

One Task, Two Tasks, Red Fish, Purple Hull Peas, Oh Look! a Squirrel...

That is my brain these days.

I cannot for the life of me sit down and finish a single task in one go.  Doesn't matter what it is.  The ADHD meds aren't really working.  In fact, all they're doing is giving me a great big crash when they wear off.  The Great Dr. Wick did say that since I hadn't ever been on ADHD meds before that we would start out slowly.  That's the one thing I really like about my doc.  She's totally willing to prescribe the good stuff, she just does it slowly and responsibly.  She told me that she already knew she would have to up my dose... that such a low dose probably wouldn't do much.  No kidding!!  Screw easing into it at this point.  Ten mg twice a day to cover only the equivalent of eight hours?  Damn expensive and damn useless.  When you work back to back 16 hour shifts like I do at work, covering only half of that with a big crash (think 3 year old hopped up on Halloween candy crash) does not equal a productive work day.  I'm just saying. 

I go back in four days.  Hopefully we'll get it figured out.  On the plus side though... I am down 20 pounds since February!!!  So that totally rocks and now my work pants require a belt.  I am super excited about that.  Though I always forget that pesky belt!!

Hubby found a second job.  It's only part time though and making far less than he was.  Which means we're still short.  I've got to find something part time too now and the only real problem with that is working around his hours.  I've got from about 11pm until 7am four days a week.  Hopefully I can find something.  Well, I'm going to have to.  There just isn't any other option.

So I'm still in a funk.  And the more I think about it, the funkier I get.  But it has to be thought about.  Sigh.

On a completely different subject, I have been getting a little creative.  If you follow me on Instagram, you'll have seen all sorts of funky "journal pages" I've been making.  I really need to post about those, but separately I think.  I believe I'll do just that in a little bit.  Give me something to do today that might keep my brain occupied.

But first, I think I really want a sausage egg mcmuffin.  I've been craving one of those for weeks and just haven't gone by.

See what I mean about squirrels?  They're everywhere.

So that's the update and I'll be posting more positive, or at least more creative things, soon.


If the squirrels will leave me alone.

Bye loves!

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Just a ramble

So I think the last time we talked I said that I would be more open about what was going on.  Or that I would at least try to.  Maybe I didn't actually say it out loud.  So far April has been a bit of a bust.  I started playing around with my meds (because my doc said I could) to find the right sort of dose that would stabilize me but not zombify me.  And it was sort of working until I decided to try doubling my night dosage.  I really went into a funk.  No energy, creative or otherwise.  All I've wanted to do is sleep and east and just be blah.  Not good.  So this last trip to the doc we talked about reducing the dose and bringing me back in to officially test for ADHD.  Which for anyone who's met me will think that that statement is just hilarious.  I guess they have to have some sort of record before the put me on those meds.  That was five days ago.

I'm a little better having slowly reduced my mood stabilizer but I'm squirrel-ier than usual and I'm still in a funk.  A pretty mean funk.  What's that movie line about the "mean reds"?  I think it was from Breakfast at Tiffany's.  "The blues are because you're getting fat and maybe it's been raining too long, you're just sad that's all. The mean reds are horrible. Suddenly you're afraid and you don't know what you're afraid of. Do you ever get that feeling?"  Yeah that's the one.  I'm having a case of the Mean Reds this week.  And to make matters worse, my husband lost his job the other day.  He was working two and that was great... financially.  Cause let's face it, he and I are both in law enforcement (dispatchers) and neither one of us makes crap.  But now he's down one and I'm freaking out.  I can't freak out in front of him because I have to be the "supportive wife" but I am having a full blown panic attack in my head.

I'm kinda glad right now that no one reads my blog anymore because this is maybe stuff I shouldn't be putting out there but quite frankly I can't afford to see a therapist.  I'm sitting at work right now and all I want to do is curl up on the floor and cry.  I hate feeling like this.  I've got a bag full of art projects and I just don't have to motivation to open it up and start anything.  Goodness knows I should because it would be good for me but the very idea just has me blowing raspberries.

Eventually I will get around to taking pictures of a new journal I'm working in.  I decided this year that I wanted to do a strictly Dylusions journal, using only Dylusions products.  Because I'm obsessed.  I love Dyan and I love her stuff so much.  But in February when I first went to see my doc... We'll call her The Great Dr. Wick.  Anyone catch that reference?  Anyhoo, so I decided I would use this particular Dylusions journal to document and journal about my own "dylusions".  And you know what... it's been pretty damn therapeutic.  It's been nice to write out all the ugly stuff that's in my head and just throw it all down.  I'm channeling my inner Mad Hatter for sure.  This journal definitely seems on its way to being full of Alice in Wonderland quotes.  I feel like I've taken a giant leap down the rabbit hole by opening up after so long and I'm just going to see where it leads.

I believe I'm done with the rambling at the moment.  Maybe I'll get lost in Pinterest or something for a while.  I just can't stick with any sort of task today. 

Until next time, dearies!

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